Community update #5

Long time no see! Astro-boy missed you guys! But he’s back on track to deliver some long awaited updates on SATVG!

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  1. Why we have been silent

Short story: our main dev Sycore being busy with his own project Rocket Bunny, the team decided to hire another dev to help us build our Lottery Aggregator.

Even though this person seemed proficient and honest after the first meetings, he turned out to be a scammer who took money from us without delivering what he promised. He kept us waiting several weeks by ghosting us until we decided to stop our collaboration with him.

We won’t disclose his name because our goal is not to keep the conflict forever and we want to move forward from this.

This event was emotionally difficult for the team members, but rather than bringing us down it made us stronger.

We won’t give up until we achieved all of our goals. You can count on us.

2. New developer announcement

Now that the emotional part is done, let’s get back to business!

We’re glad to announce Shemhamforash as our 2nd SATVG developer! He’s a close friend of Sycore, trustworthy and highly competent. He already started working on the Lottery DApp and will be assisted by Sycore himself!

From now on, we’ll try to update on the Lottery DApp progression every week to keep you guys aware of the state of the project and keep your faith in us.

3. Moving liquidity from V1 to V2

As you know, Pancakeswap decided unilaterally to migrate their contract from V1 to V2. A lot of projects were forced to move their liquidity from V1 to V2, but a majority couldn’t even do so for several reasons (liquidity locked forever or liquidity burned). Our liquidity was locked until few days ago. Now that it’s unlocked we’ll move it to the V2 contract. The exact details will be disclosed ASAP.

We ask you in the meantime to unstake from the Kennel pool as this one will be closed and a new one will be opened on the V2 contract.

Again, we thank you guys for your faith in us. The whole market isn’t looking as healthy as few months ago, but bear or bull market won’t change the fact that we keep building!

To infinity and beyond!




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