Community update #4

Astro-boy is busy, he’s working his a** off on the Lottery update. However, he kindly decided to stop by to update his community. Astro-boy is kind. Be like Astro-boy.

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  1. Farming partnership announcement: KENNEL

RocketBunny farming has now concluded. Everyone enjoyed the juicy rewards for more than a month. Some, more than others.

It’s time for the SATVG team to reveal our next partnership & farm with the The Token Kennel!

“The Token Kennel is an innovative twist on staking as a service platform that requires much less tokens to be supplied by the project to feed the reward pool. Our fully customizable and custom solutions can help add usecases and value to any project.

The Token Kennel provides you a place to discover new projects and earn passively on some of your favorites. The implementation of premium staking will allow industry leading earning potential on blue chip tokens such as WBNB.”

Guide on how to stake: simply stake your SATVG tokens in the token kennels boarding platform and watch your SATVG balance grow!

There is a 10% Boarding fee and a 10% unboarding fee. 100% of these fees feed the boarding reward pool. 10% of the reward pool is paid out daily proportional to the amount of your stake!

Beware that there is also an additionally 3% fee inherent to the SATVG protocol when you unstake your tokens. The right strategy we suggest is to stake for a mid-long term to grasp the full potential of these rewards!

Rewards are added to your staked balance and auto compound!

The Boarding platform link to farm can be found HERE

Requirements: hold 250 KENNEL Tokens which can be purchased here

2. Big news: SATVG has a new website!

The Team worked tirelessly on upgrading and improving the website. As everyone knows, our actual website was entirely designed by us (precisely by Reta) and funded from our own pocket. Since we transistionned from SATV to SATVG and gathered development funds, we immediatly started working on how to improve our “showcase”. Thanks to Beto, Reta, Meng3r, Eve & Meistine, our new website is now live! Check it here!

You may also want to check our updated Roadmap! A lot of good things already accomplished and we’re really proud of it!

As our community feedback is extremely valuable and important for us, feel free to to provide us your feedback on our new website in our TG channel!

3. Side news:

We were happy to share with you SATVG ecosystem healthiness: ~22% of our market cap is backed by our liquidity!

The protocol has burned 180.000$ worth of SATVG since launch and we also reached +1100 holders! A new milestone for the SATVG ecosystem!

We’re excited to share with you guys our community contest #4: Be creative!

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Regarding our “Lottery Aggregator” progress, the team is working and spending a lot of time on it. As our dear SATVG holders may understand, the development is time & cost consuming. Moreover, Pancakeswap decided to migrate all of its liquidity from V1 to V2 without any warning which delays even more our development. We’re however still confident to launch it in Q2 2021 as promised in our Roadmap!

To Infinity & Beyond!




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