In-between 2 pizza slices, your astro-boy is back again to deliver fresh news to the SATVG community! Let’s rock!

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As you can see below, the APY indicators are live and rewards are still juicy!

If you’re interested in farming more SATVG and don’t know how to do so, check this quick tutorial here. Follow this link to farm. If you have any question, our team will gladly help you in our Telegram channel.

At the time of writing these lines:

  • ~795.000 SATVG has been staked in the solo polo resulting in a 92% APY.
  • ~550.000 SATVG has been staked in the dual pool resulting in a 523% APY.

2. Community contest #2 winners announcement & contest #3 launch:

We thank the community for its tremendous support and congrat the 2 winners: @Abymanyu1200 1st place with 5000 SATVG & @ellaumbrella_00 2nd place with 2000 SATVG.

Our next contest is launched! Check it out below:

3. UNIFTY NFT farming: introducing a new use-case for SATVG !

NFT Farming Partnership with UNIFTY

UNIFTY is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms & NFT collections.

The SATVG team decided to explore the NFT universe and got in touch with the UNIFTY team to create a limited edition and exclusive “SATURNoshi NAKAMOTO” NFT, entirely designed by our genius designer BETO!

Some rumors say this NFT represents a rare picture of the old SATV creator, landing on SATURN…” Check here for more details.

Interested to grab this limited edition NFT? You’ll need 0.25 points.
To get points, you’ll need to stake between 0.001 SATVG-BNB LP (0.001 point earned per day) and 0.05 SATVG-BNB LP (0.05 point earned per day) .

Follow the steps below:

1/ Add SATVG-BNB liquidity on Pancakeswap. Click here to add liquidity. Under the option “Input: select currency”, if you can’t find “SATVG”, please copy paste the SATVG contract address which you can find here. You still struggle to add liquidity? Click here for a video guide.

2/ Now that you have at least 0.001 LP in your wallet, visit the UNIFTY plateform here.

3/ Click on “Staking option” and then “Stake” as shown below.

4/ Enter an amount of LP between 0.001 and 0.05. Hit “Stake”, then “Approve” in your wallet. Wait until the green message “success, transaction has been approved” appears on the bottom right of the page. Hit “Stake” again.

5/ Voilà! You can now see your earned points increase over time. If you have any question, our team will gladly help you in our Telegram channel.

6/ When you’ve earned enough points (0.25), you can spend them to get the limited edition “SATURNOshi NAKAMOTO” NFT. Who knows, maybe one day, with only 100 copies, this NFT could be worth … $

More exclusive NFT’s coming soon.

4. Canceled partnership with RYI Unity

As mentionned in our Telegram channel and Twitter account, you’ll find below the SATVG team official announcement:

Regarding the recent events happening in the RYI Unity project, the SATVG team decided to end the partnership previously announced. RYIU team offered a farming pool for SATVG holders for their new meme token « PTR ».
To protect our investors we decided to cancel any kind of relation with RYI Unity”

Thanks for your understanding!

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