Community update #2

Partnerships, listings, meme contest… Our astronaut is back for the second community update to dissect what happened recently in the SATVG ecosystem!

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  1. RYI Unity partnership, RocketBunny & PBOM farming

As mentionned earlier this month, SATVG entered into a strategic partnership with RYI Unity. In other words, our two teams will work closely to benefit both projects with shared features, farming and more.

Moreover, this collaboration will be, soon enough, put into practice !

Regarding RocketBunny and PBOM (respectively Sycore’s plateform and project), SATVG entered into a farming partnership with both.

You can either stake SATVG with a 360% starting APY or stake SATVG-BNB lp with a 1440% starting APY. At the time of writing these lines, nearly 500k SATVG has been already staked in the solo pool and 0,11 SATVG-BNB lp in the dual pool. We thank our community for their faith. This alone increases the SATVG scarcity.

If you’re interested in farming more SATVG and don’t know how to do so, check this quick tutorial here. Follow this link to farm. If you have any question, our team will gladly help you in our Telegram channel.

2. First CEX listing & CMC listing

Following our targets mentionned in our roadmap, we got listed just in time on BANKCEX and CoinMarketCap.

BANKCEX is one of the lowest trading fee cryptocurrency exchange (0,01% fee) and will help bringing more trading volume for SATVG. We believe that this listing helped SATVG to get featured on CMC.

With the help of our great SATVG holders who voted altogether, we got listed on Blockfolio and Delta app. Again, we thank you for your devotion!

Finally, to answer the famous “when CG” question: the team applied to Coingecko at the same time as CoinMarketCap. Thus, the listing is on Coingecko hands.

3. Team expansion & community contest

We’re happy to welcome @GPVVKING (BETO Drive) as a graphic designer in the SATVG team!

BETO worked on the design of several projects such as Dia data , Multi-Bridge and Iron Finance.

BETO designed a beautiful pack of stickers for the SATVG Telegram community! Check it out!

SATVG Telegram Channel exclusive stickers

As it was a very requested demand from our community, we launched a MEME contest which exceeded our expectations!

In addition to the initial 5000 SATVG allocated to the winner, we decided to reward the 2nd place with 2000 SATVG!

Feel free to enter the contest! Ends on April 9!

4. Contract & Team work update:

Since this question is brought up a lot by our community, here is a quick overview of how many SATVG are staked/burned/locked:

  • ~488.000 SATVG staked in the solo farming pool.
  • ~500.000 SATVG staked with 25 BNB in the dual farming pool.
  • ~4.700.000 SATVG burned forever.
  • ~855.000 SATVG locked in the contract.

This leads to an actual SATVG Market Cap of: ~300.000$

Regarding the team work, the tasks are split as shown below:

  • 2 members are in constant contact with our developer Sycore to polish all the details related to the “Lottery Aggregator”. As it is an innovative concept, this task requires a huge amount of work and time. We’re, however, pretty confident to meet our deadline announced for the “Lottery Aggregator” in our roadmap: Q2 2021. We can’t disclose more details for now, but soon enough we’ll give our community sneak peaks!
  • 2 members are working on securing partnerships with safe, audited and valuable projects. The aim is to offer to the SATVG investors a wide range of options to increase the token value.

Thus, a new partnership will be announced the next week!