Long time no see! Astro-boy missed you guys! But he’s back on track to deliver some long awaited updates on SATVG!

Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
  1. Why we have been silent

Even though this person seemed proficient and honest after the first meetings, he turned out to be a scammer who took money from us without delivering what he promised. …

Astro-boy is busy, he’s working his a** off on the Lottery update. However, he kindly decided to stop by to update his community. Astro-boy is kind. Be like Astro-boy.

Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
  1. Farming partnership announcement: KENNEL

It’s time for the SATVG team to reveal our next partnership & farm with the The Token Kennel!

“The Token Kennel is an innovative twist on staking as a service platform that requires much less tokens to be supplied by the project to feed the reward pool. …

In-between 2 pizza slices, your astro-boy is back again to deliver fresh news to the SATVG community! Let’s rock!

Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
  1. APY indicator in the RocketBunny farms is now live!

If you’re interested in farming more SATVG and don’t know how to do so, check this quick tutorial here. Follow this link to farm. If you have any question, our team will gladly help you in our Telegram channel.

Partnerships, listings, meme contest… Our astronaut is back for the second community update to dissect what happened recently in the SATVG ecosystem!

Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
  1. RYI Unity partnership, RocketBunny & PBOM farming

Moreover, this collaboration will be, soon enough, put into practice !

This is our first community update! Our goal with these short-sided mediums is to update our community with our recent progression and latest decisions regarding the SATVG ecosystem. Let’s begin!

Illustration Credits: http://catalystvibes.dribbble.com/
  1. The “late swappers” and our “final tokenomics”:

We knew the transition from SATV to SATVG would be the hardest part of our project. Thus, we decided to announce it a week ahead in all of our medias and give 48 hours to make…

We’re extremely excited to publish our very first medium article. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did writing it… Let’s get started!

The story behind SATV: when a bunch of random crypto lovers get together

It all started with a new listed coin… An unknown developer (we’ll kindly call him SATURNoshi Nakamoto) launched a coin with 1BNB as liquidity. He renounced ownership and locked liquidity… and that was it.

The events then begin in the the BSC StreetBets Telegram group. Created by ApeCaptainJack, this group is usually the first one to call newly and safe released coins……


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